A Teacher

by Sylvia from Yanji

I watched this news on TV. A woman teacher sacrificed her life to save a group of her students. It happened when school was over one afternoon. A group of primary school students was walking across the street when a car came around the corner very fast. The driver did not see the students until it was too late. He should have driven more carefully so that the students would be safe. It is ruled by law that every driver should slow down near the school gate. However, he did not obey the law. At this urgent moment, the teacher rushed to the students, pushing them to the other side of the road. She did it without regard for her own personal safety. The students were all safe, although a little hurt by the accident. However, the teacher who loved the students so much passed away a few days later. I was shocked when I heard this news. How brave she was! If I were her, would I be able to do the same thing? I do not know. She is a hero in my heart!

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