Teachers Tutorial

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How do I find my students' work? Begin by making a class code.

Creating Class Codes Tutorial Video

Here is how to link all your students' pages using class codes.

What features are for Teachers?

MY HERO Teacher's Room Tutorial Video

Click here to see what teachers can do on MY HERO.

How to create an organizer

Creating a MY HERO Organizer for Best of FILMS Video

Looking to create an Organizer of film pages? Click above.

Creating a MY HERO Organizer for Art video

Looking to create an Organizer of art pages? Click above.

Organizer Basics
Credit: MY HERO
Credit: MY HERO

Organizer Tutorial featuring Taft High School Video

Here's a quick tutorial video covering the basics of the Organizer system.

How Do I Use The Organizer
Credit: MY HERO

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Credit: MY HERO

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