Post-Project Survey

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience using MY HERO in your classroom. Your participation will help us continue to improve this FREE project-based resource to better serve you.
Your Info
School Info
1) How many students participated in the project?

2) What language did you teach in?
3) Please check the 3 primary outcomes your students experienced from using The MY HERO Project.
4) What MY HERO programs did you use in your classroom? Check the appropriate box to rate the usefulness of each. (N/A-not applicable, 1-not useful at all, 5-very useful)
Programs and Resources
Create Program to bulid a webpage
Directory to research and read hero essays
Gallery Program to explore and upload artwork
Media Arts Program to produce films
Screening Room to watch films
Audio Program to listen to or record music/words
Forum Program to discuss topics and review posts
Guestbook Program to "tweet" about a hero
Newswire Program to research current events
Library of books on heroes
Teacher's Room with tools for educators
Learning Circles to collaborate with other classes
Ocean Stewards And Eco heroes of Orange County
5) AFTER using MY HERO, what percentage of the students in your class are at the technology proficiency levels listed below. The total should equal 100%.
Proficiency Level
Percentage of Class
Below Basic
No idea how to use a computer
Can search for information online
Can access emails and download information
Can upload text, images and links to build a webpage
Can make a short film and/or produce audio to share online
6) What do you consider to be the most valuable part of using MY HERO in your classroom?
7) What can we do to improve The MY HERO Project?
8) Additional comments or suggestions:
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