My Hero International Film Festival Announces New Teen Press Award

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LAGUNA BEACH, CA - 03/21/16 - The MY HERO International Film Festival has announced a Teen Press award for young filmmakers. The inaugural award offers a $500 cash prize to a young filmmaker with a hero-themed work in the documentary style. The award is sponsored by Teen Press. The Teen Press is a national educational outreach program based on a model program at Santa Barbara Middle School. 
Two teachers started Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press in 2007, to cover the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Since then, the young journalists have reported on stories that include the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, and the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. They've addressed a diverse set of issues including global warming, city planning and gun violence.
Teen Press reporters have also continued to provide coverage of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and, in 2013, they met filmmaker T.C. Johnstone, whose film was premiering. The group inspired him to make a documentary about the young reporters. 
The result was Teen Press, a 30-minute film that follows the team for an academic semester premired at SBIFF in 2016. The Teen Press educational outreach program is making available the film, and a curriculum guide called the Teen Press Cookbook, to help others create their own Teen Press program.
The Teen Press will present the 2016 Teen Press award at the MY HERO International Film Festival. The festival is part of The MY HERO Project, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to sharing stories of heroes from all parts of the world. MY HERO's award winning web site hosts the world's largest archive of hero themed stories, music, art and short films.
The early submission deadline is April 15, 2016, extended deadline is August 15, 2016.  
Submission fees are waived for students. 
Submit your film -
To learn more about The MY HERO International Film Festival, visit the festival info page or email Wendy Milette at [email protected]


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