Temple Grandin

by Addison Parshall from Cochrane, Alberta Canada

“Nature Is Cruel, But We Don't Have To Be.”


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I chose Temple Grandin because she is autistic and I would like to know what it is like to be autistic, she also loves cows! My book is a biography and this book has 148 pages. This book about Temple Grandin was made in 1995. The author (Sy Montgomery) is a biologist and she studies animals and also marine life.

Temple Grandin was born on August  29, 1947. They grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Her mother is Anna Eustacia Purves. She is an actress, singer, and granddaughter of John Coleman Purves, co-inventor of the aviation autopilot. Grandin has three younger siblings, two sisters and a brother. Grandin has described one of her sisters as being dyslexic. Her younger sister is an artist, her other sister is a sculptor, and her brother is a banker. Temple loved to fly kites in her free time. Grandin was not formally diagnosed with autism until her adulthood. When she was two, the only formal diagnosis given to her was "brain damage" . As a child, she did not speak until she was 3 1/2, communicating her frustration by screaming, peeping and humming. Temple was very influenced by her high school teacher: William Carlock. 

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Temple had many challenges while growing up, during school it was hard focusing and learning due to her autism. Autism makes it harder to learn, and makes it harder to do things that other people can do easier, her brain does not function like others' brains do.

She embraced her understanding of creatures and animals, getting her degree in biology/animal science. She embraced her dedication to autism, researching everything she could research about it. However, she also realized that she needed to work on her own weaknesses. Autism makes it harder to do other things, sounds ( loud sounds ) are very sensitive to most autistic people. 

Temple Grandin won the Satellite Awards in 2010 for Best Motion Picture Made for Television. 

If i could ask Temple Grandin three questions i would ask: “How did you become so famous? ”“Why did you become so interested in animals?” “What's it like being autistic?”

 Being her child would be fun, learning about animals with her, getting to live on a farm. 

I did not like how big the font was. The reading was semi hard for me but I still managed to read it okay. Others may not want to read this book because the font is so big but I personally found this book somewhat interesting. I'm very happy that I chose her to read about. It was interesting learning about autism and learning about how Temple Grandin loved animals. I think Temple Grandin is a hero.

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