Terry Fox

by Cooper Pearson-Brown from Cochrane, Alberta Canada

"Dreams are made possible if you try!" -Terry Fox

150950WebCooperThe reason I chose Terry Fox is because he was determined to stop cancer and that inspired scientists to stop cancer as well and society is helping from schools to your parents and donating helps.  This is a biography by:Cooper Pearson Brown who chose Terry Fox. This is a  4  page biography book. The time span of the book I read was around him being 8 years old till


He died at the age of 22. The illustrator was Maxine trotter she has won many awards for young people's books including 'Claire's Gift.' She is also a teacher and an avid sailor. Terry was born and raised in Winnipeg. Terry’s parents were Rolly Fox and Betty Lou; they met in Winnipeg where Terry and his siblings were born. Terry had three siblings, an older brother named Fred, a younger brother named Darrell, and another younger sibling who was a girl named Judith. Fred played hockey and he got his own day called Fred fox day and was introduced in the hall of sports in Nova Scotia in 1990. Darrell joined the marathon of hope in 1980 and his sister Judith was a photographer and she actually won an award. He went to the river east school in Winnipeg same as his siblings. What Terry did at his school was play basketball as he was determined to play. He played soccer mostly when he was around 8 and played basketball. Terry when he was playing soccer he and his team won a gold medal his sister got an award for being a photographer. Fred supported his brother in beating cancer and Darrel also supported Terry. I couldn't find any interesting stories about Terry and his siblings the only one was the marathon of hope. Terry followed his dreams when he found out he had cancer; his brother Fred wanted to be an athlete and Darrell wanted to be a leader. 


I'm surprised that he ran 5,323 kilometers and had to deal with cancer. If I met Terry the three questions I would ask would be how many days were in the hospital for, what were you planning to do if you didn't have cancer and what's your dream job? I wouldn't want to be his son because I would have to hear that he passed away at a young age and that would make me very sad. I liked the book I read because it was full of other people and not one person. I learned that Terry won a trophy in soccer. I learned that giving up is pointless because you can be known around the world as a hero. I don't see why someone would not like the book I read. I am happy that I chose Terry Fox as my hero because he wanted to raise money for cancer. Yes, I consider someone choosing terry fox as a role model because they can raise more money for cancer.

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