This poem is penned on the occasion of International Girls Day and it is a dedication to all the girls in the world. This poem sheds light on the natural and hidden talents of girls and their contribution to the society they live in.

The Exquisite Pearls

by Madhulika Manoharan - Grade 5 (10 yrs) - from Dubai


Who are the tolerant tenderminds in the lights?

Who are the Mother Nature’s valiant knights?

Who are the brilliant blazers who shine so bright?

Who are the lamps in the dark bay who enhance our sight?

Who are the rainbows in the sky, bringing us something new from the sun?

Who are the creative minds, always springing high with fun?

Who are the extraordinary exemplars on whom high hopes you may pin?

Who are the cherishing champions born to win?  

Who possess excellent minds which are one of a kind?

Who bear a marvelous heart, which gives a good start?

Who have a roaring spirit which cannot be tamed?

Who have an infinity of compassionate deeds, which cannot be named?

Who are the dancing daffodils who cultivate the crops of determination?

Who harvest the fruits of success and pride for the nation?

Here comes the winner of the prize ..”THE PRICELESS PEARLS” – GIRLS !  

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Author Info

Madhulika Manoharan is a student of Grade 5 at Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai, UAE. She is 10 years old. She is interested in poetry, story writing, drawing and singing. She also is interested in coining new words in English and one among them is QUOTATORIUM which means a "museum of quotes." She is also passionate on spreading awareness on curbing food wastage and global warming. She is in the process of creating new albums and short films along with her younger sister regarding common problems in the society.