The Hero I Want to Be...

by Debasmita Mondal from Asansol in India

A Hero according to Google, is "a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." But after thinking deeper into it, it feels like the must-do or need to do something very unusual, unpredictable, or something which has never been done before. So, After a little research, it's so impressive to see how women are coming up with different innovative ideas to make this world a better place. But today I would like to share a story with you about my hero, my very sweet, caring, innocent, headstrong, and hardworking woman, my beloved mother, Ms. Rina Mondal.

Her Heroic powers start showing up when I was 15 and I lost my father, and with that my sweet bubbly carefree world was busted with all the family tantrums, relatives blaming, world giving pity and hatred looking, that was the time when I saw my guardian, my hero, my Maa, my mother who came not with that Captain Americas shield but herself as the human shield and guarded me against all that nasty world, I still remember how scared I was, but when I saw her I got that unknown courage to face this word from a very different angle. From that gray year, 2014 to till date in this 2022, she is fighting, everyday, previously I saw her waking up every day at 5 o'clock making tiffin for our school waking me and my sister up, sending us to school and then doing all the household works all by herself all day with that extreme pain in her knees with osteoarthritis, but you know all of those silently. We also helped her but It didn't reduce her hardships I think it helped her a bit. Our bedtime stories were her life stories that how at the age of 18 she had no choice but to marry my father and after marriage she couldn't pursue her dream to go to college and be a teacher, but she ended up teaching us and then my uncle's kids too. But I feel she couldn't do much but could have done much better if was not for all that family troubles. But she also slowly started focusing on raising us into a strong and independent women, that's all she dreams of now.

But don’t even for a single moment think that she knows nothing, she is an excellent reader, and the amount of knowledge she carries is undoubtedly exceptional. She read all the medical books of my uncle as he is a doctor, she is a woman who knows about medicines and Ayurveda but without a degree. She regrets it a bit but standing today she runs a small Medical shop for my uncle's private chamber. The shop may not be ours but everyone knows it as her shop, and the trust is so strong that people started recognizing the shop as "Didier dokan"(Elder Sisters Shop). 

But as always men cannot see women working alone and handling things quite perfectly, so, they create problems like parking cars in front of the shop, doing bad publicity, misbehaving and all, but these didn't stop this 55-year-old pretty lady in any way. Still, to date she wakes up at 6 a.m. every day does all the household works single-handedly, prays to god, make herself breakfast, or sometimes goes without breakfast due to a shortage in time, and opens the shop sharp at 9 o'clock and closes the shop at 12:00 pm or sometimes till 1:00 pm, goes home cooks lunch for herself, takes some rest, gets up, prays to god, and again at 6 p.m. she opens the shop, do all the selling and reordering the medicines closes at 10:00 pm, then goes home cooks dinner for herself, washes the dishes and then goes to sleep, and as the sun comes out her starts as well, this routine of her she repeats every day, 7 days a week, without a single holiday. Even I remember once due to a very grave reason she keeps the shop closed for a single half but my uncle gave a call and simply stated that one of his patients is on the way and need some medicines and that day I saw how tired she was but she only said okay I am on my way, now it's not like my uncle doesn't love us he loves us, he loves and guards us like no other can but he gets manipulated by the haters to easily and normal human nature cannot be changed right. But that day I saw her she smiled and told me "go to sleep you look tired my darling, I need to go" and she got ready and she left. I couldn't sleep even a minute that whole time until she came back, I cooked dinner for her we had our dinner then as usual she washed the dishes then she goes to bed.

That night I learned a very important thing about life, you can be very tired, and you would feeling quitting everything but quitting is very easy and living is hard. And my mother is that person who is running in that constant marathon with all the different hurdles created by everyone every day but she crosses everyone with a smile and carries herself gracefully as Lady does. She is a woman on this planet who has to go through a lot and her story might be very ordinary and very common but for me, she is someone who has always bonded kept the whole family together, and didn't let us fall apart and told us to fight and go on in our life and archive your dreams. She is a true inspiration, that ray of hope for survival in that stormy night, that angle with no wings, that Hero we see in the comic books, my true Hero.

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