The Hero in a Faded Plaid Shirt

by Renee Winick from Prior Lake, Minnesota in United States

When asked to envision a hero, most people think of the tall, fit person who can leap tall buildings and chase down speeding trains all while wearing a smart-looking leotard and a flowing cape. However, when I’m asked to envision my hero, I immediately think of a not-so-tall, formerly fit guy who can stop his wife from leaping to conclusions and chase down his sleepy teen children all while wearing a faded plaid shirt and functional cargo shorts. My hero is my husband, Mark. Here are a few things that Mark taught me about what it takes to be a hero:

  • A hero will head to the office long before his family wakes, because a hero is HARD-WORKING.
  • A hero will put down his favorite book to chat with his frazzled wife, because a hero is KIND.
  • A hero can carry 5 loads of laundry in a single basket, because a hero is STRONG.
  • A hero will teach his twins to drive without the use of a single expletive, because a hero is PATIENT.
  • A hero will honestly answer his wife when she asks, “Is this dress too short?” because a hero is BRAVE.
  • A hero can answer pre-calculus questions without the use of a textbook, because a hero is WISE.
  • A hero will hand over his last piece of chicken to his always hungry son, because a hero is GENEROUS.

This list is just a sampling of all that my husband has taught me about what it takes to be a hero. If asked about his hero status, Mark would likely deflect credit and try to make it seem like others deserve the title more than him. That is because Mark lifts others up. He gives others the confidence they need to realize their own strengths. He makes them feel seen and heard and loved. Because that is what heroes do.

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