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The Hero Project: How We Met Our Greatest Heroes and What We Learned from Them

By Robert Hatch, William Hatch

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies, October 2005
ISBN: 0071449043
MY HERO recommends this book to young adult readers.
For the first time, living legends and popular heroes tell teens how they survived their adolescence When they were 11 and 14, respectively, brothers Robert and William Hatch embarked on an ambitious project: to discover how many of their heroes dealt with the challenges of early adolescence. The result is The Hero Project, a fascinating collection of interviews with some of the most prominent names in sports, science, politics, entertainment, the arts, and religion.

From dealing with bullies to overcoming health problems, feeling lonely and different to growing up in a broken home, what they thought of the world around them to their own heroes and role models, these luminaries share their candid recollections of life as a teen and offer young readers advice on how to grow up to be heroes themselves. In addition to the interviews, each chapter contains a brief biography of the selected interviewee, along with the fascinating back story of how the brothers made contact with the hero in question.

Heroes of The Hero Project:
Pete Seeger, Madeleine L''Engle, Florence Griffith Joyner, Jimmy Carter, Orson Scott Card, Yo Yo Ma, Elouise Cobell, Carroll Spinney, Desmond Tutu, Lance Armstrong and Linda Kelly Armstrong, Steven Wozniak, Dolores Huerta, and Jackie Chan

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MDN | 8/2/2007 12:15 PM
Good book.

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