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The Hero''s Trail: A Hiking Guide for a Heroic Life

By T. A. Barron, Preface by Robert Coles

Publisher: Philomel, September 2002
ISBN: 0399238603
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
What is a hero? T. A. Barron, author of the popular Lost Years of Merlin series, tackles this important question in his "hero's guidebook" for young readers.

Using the metaphor of a hike, he discusses the great variety of heroes and brings them to life through their own stories: Some well-known, like Wilma Rudolph, Anne Frank, Stephen Hawking. Yet most are "ordinary kids" who have made amazing choices: saved their siblings from a fire, struggled to stop prejudice at their school, helped raise money to build a well in an African village. This book will be invaluable to kids, parents, and educators who need role models for young people to look up to-and a new way to look at what a hero is.

Complete with photos of many of the young heroes Barron introduces, this timely collection will inspire readers of all ages.

"Here is too much grace to regard closely, to hold tight in mind, heart, and soul, as we keep moving on our own hiking trails through life." (Robert Coles, M.D.)

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