the men who fought on d-day

by Alice Moore from uk

The fallen  

Men consumed by fear, 

As death hung near, 

This tore us apart, 

While they played their part, 

Some fight for Britain, 

Some fight for Germany  

As the fallen still march by their sides, 


Men screaming out in pain 

Death was stalking them, but they must not die in vain  

There damaged hearts will hopefully mend 

 But this might never end  

As the fallen still walk by there side  


We are all equal  

We are all people  

Families lose hope  

Families lose faith  

As the fallen still march by their sides  


Will winds lash? 

Will sea spray splash? 

Life dangling on a string  

As their wounds sting  

Their chests tight 

Many died on that night 

The fallen still march by our sides  



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