The MY HERO Report is a half hour program of exciting films by talented young filmmakers from around the world, who have selflessly volunteered their time to be MY HERO Youth Reporters. Each of the captivating stories on this release encapsulates heroism in its own unique way, whether by charting a young man's evolution from child soldier to peacemaker, or detailing a young woman's determination to fight climate change across the globe. The MY HERO Report is an excellent resource for teachers looking to inspire their students, as well as film lovers interested in fresh, compelling storytelling.
This DVD was made part in possible by a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.
Slater Jewell-Kemker began as a youth Reporter for MY HERO when she was a little girl, and is now making her own film about the efforts of young people to halt climate change around the world.
Tommie Carrol is a blind skateboarder who is not afraid to fall. He is featured in the award winning music video, "Believe," directed by his friend, Logan Cassio and featuring music by Trans-siberian Orchestra.
Matthew Cohen was inspired by his teacher, Rowena Gerber, to use lessons on the efficiency of solar power to develop his own program that sends solar ovens to Haiti.

Reporter Fary Saiko from Senegal reports on her hero Ablaye a Sengalese boy who is an accomplished artist despite only having control of his right foot.
Yellow Woman is a fascinating film by Camille Manybeads Tso, detailing the heroic adventures of her Native American ancestor.
Quinton Barnett reports for MY HERO on his adventure with World Class Kayak Academy in the rivers of Africa. On this journey he learns about his own ability and respect for the environment.

Bailey Cunningham reports on her hero, Brice, her brother. He is hearing impaired but does not let anything stop him from achieving his goals.
Mohamen Sidibay a New Jersery High School student, shares his miraculous transformation from child soldier to an educated young man committed to making a difference in the world.
And much more... Bonus features include Pedal=Sight, a beautiful film about a young Indian girl named Bharati, and the profound impact a bicycle has on her life.