The Power of Cultural Diversity & Global Collaboration.

The My Hero Call To Action Global Activism is an amazing project which foster culture diversity, global collaboration and breaks walls between nations. My high school student and I have been fascinated by the idea of co Create a group SONG about our heroes.

Thanks to this project, we learned a lot from others cultures and shared ours as well. 

My Hero Call to Action Team

Credit: K-Mex

The Northern side of Mali outfit.

Credit: K-Mex

The Eastern side of Mali outfit

Credit: K-Mex

Outfit worn in the Center and the Capital city.

Credit: K-Mex

Western and Southern outfit

Credit: K-Mex

Soundiata's Mom giving him a walking stick after 7 years crawling down, finally, he walked.

Credit: mbtamb

Soundiata Keita

Producer: mbtamb