The Power of Teachers during Coronavirus

by Audrey from Portland, Oregon in United States

I think all my teachers this year have been my Quarantine Heroes. They are the heroes that brought all of us students out of (that portion of) quarantine alive. I really hope that everyone can acknowledge all the effort, hard work, and stress our teachers have also endured along with us—and for us.

Teachers revive the value of education—which has especially been overlooked during this global crisis. But it doesn’t make it any less important. People always question the value of learning compared to the other, more important things to focus on. But learning has just as much importance as anything else. When we feel like giving up, or letting go, the sake of learning and education keeps us awake, keeps our minds alert and functioning. It provides us new things every day to delve upon. That’s what makes learning ever so important, especially during quarantine. 

That’s what makes our teachers ever so special and important during this time. Considering all the things our teachers have been providing and giving to us, we might not realize that our teachers have also been struggling in adapting to this new form of learning as well! Almost ALL of the burden of moving school online was placed on them. And not only did they make learning as intriguing and accessible as possible, but they also never gave up or showed weakness once. I think that is extremely admirable, and I appreciate them so much for that. 

We are all going through some type of crisis or issue at home, but our teachers taught us a full experience out of passion and willingness to support our growth. For example, many of my teachers sacrificed their own time to give us an extra hour for questions, and in case we needed aid. Because they, too, understand what it’s like to feel confused and lost, especially when your resources are limited to virtual communication. I also know that my favorite teacher did not have to go out of her way to provide us with new poetry activities, fun riddles, and interesting videos every weekend to make learning on weekends so accessible and fun.

One of my teachers in particular was going through breast cancer at the same time, and going through twice as much pain as anyone else. Imagine having to deal with breast cancer all the while during the coronavirus and trying to get medical aid. It sounds very difficult—(and it was)! It was really only because of my teachers’ dedication that I never quit or gave up. Because of how strong they were, I stayed strong and managed to make it through this portion of quarantine. They helped me grow so much in this time, and without them I’d never understand or be willing to learn. 

To all the teachers out there, you made such a big difference and changed lives everywhere. It was because of you and your dedication that students everywhere made it through school. Thank you, so so much.


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