Essays on the Theme of Heroism

The President, The Sister, The Genius, And The Demi-god

by Hudson Wright from Charlotte, NC

Look up the definition of a hero in a Google Search, Internet Explorer, or Yahoo. Many things will pop up, or catch your eye, but it depends on your view of a hero.   One person might say one thing while another person will say something completely different. Throughout the years people have changed the ways they see heroes through movies and books. Although there are a variety of definitions for this term hero, mine is quite simple: A hero must be responsible and intelligent.

The first thing you think of being responsible is standing up for what’s right; or owning up to your mistakes. Usually the first person I think of being responsible is President John F. Kennedy. Now President Kennedy was pretty famous at the time when he was President especially when he owned up to his mistake. The United States was in the middle of a war, and President Kennedy sent in soldiers to help the invading enemies who were hastily moving forward. Later President Kennedy held a meeting to say something to the US about a mistake he had made. He said to the world that he had made a mistake, and that he alone was responsible even though his Court made the decision with him. He then went on to apologize to the families about sending in their loved ones, and them not returning. You might have thought that people would despise him for what he had done, but only the complete opposite happened. His popularity grew through the roof. People everywhere were talking about how responsible President Kennedy was. Another person that has shown similar attributes like of a responsible “hero” like President Kennedy is the one and only Bethany (my sister). She once had a hard time obeying my mother, but she gradually started getting better until she began to obey everything my mom says. When my mother wants her to be someplace, she’s there on time. My sister’s commitment to me and my younger sister is beyond the moon. She will stay with us during the night if our mom is stuck in Atlanta because her flight got delayed. I mean, that to me, is definitely the kind of hero that I love to have with me all the time.   

Now in my opinion a hero also has to be... somewhat intelligent. They have to be thinking quickly on their feet and can solve problems and puzzles pretty fast. One person like this is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs the inventor of Apple Co. and was the person who founded Pixar Studios, one of the biggest movie companies today. He had to go through many challenges to get where he was in life (like getting kicked out of His own company and having health problems). But if it wasn’t for his mistakes, he wouldn’t have been able to found Pixar studios. But that intelligent brain of his ran out when he refused to get treatment for a rare form of cancer that resulted in him getting buried in the ground. Steve Jobs although he has a smart brain that changed the world... it didn’t really serve him well with health problems. Percy Jackson, similar in intelligence, is a demigod at camp Half Blood and is extremely smart. He was first bamboozled when he found out that he was a demigod but then accepted it after a few days. On one of his vigorous adventures he was trapped inside a big monster’s stomach, but he thought it through and was able to make an intelligent escape. He was able to blast a hole in the stomach Which resulted in him saving the world from the god of death, and then going back to camp Half Blood for another dangerous adventure.

Even though there are many types of heroes nowadays like supernatural or everyday people but all it takes to be hero is to be an accountable and quick-witted person. You can find these traits in many people: famous people, friends, family, criminals, even people you meet on the streets. It’s limitless where you can find people like this with amazing talents. Just look at the amount of people in the world. There are around 7-8 billion people in the world. And there are hundreds of accountable and quick-witted people. Now that is what a hero is to me, all these people that I told you about there all examples of my kind of hero.

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