The ‘Wellness Song’ is honored at the 19th MY HERO International Film Festival

by Abigail Richardson from MY HERO Staff

Don’t let the trouble of the world get you down; there’s lots of choices to turn it all around.

The ‘Wellness Song’ by elementary students has been honored with an award in the Sing for Hope Elementary Category at the 19th MY HERO International Film Festival.

153268Wellness SongPacific Elementary School  

The ‘Wellness Song’ is an original song about wellness made by elementary students who were mentored by MY HERO’s Film Director Wendy Milette. Wendy teaches Stock Motion Animation and Tech Lab to 3rd through 6th graders in a Gifted and Talented after-school program at the Pacific Elementary School in Davenport, California.

Said Wendy: “I love kids. I love helping them learn and giving them tools to help them find a voice through creativity, which is also why I love working for MY HERO.”

The music video is a mixture of stock animation and delightful, well-choreographed, personal performances by the students. It is directed by Morgan, Ophelia, Isis, Elinor, Austin, Ethan and Scarlett, and, as the lyrics tell us, it is a song to “be more healthy” in order “to help the world get along”. It includes tightly rhymed rapping from Morgan who gives advice about keeping fit: “One thing that is really great, don’t forget to hydrate, got to keep it moving, get it on the grooving, learn to thrive and exercise: go hiking, go biking, go for a swim, work out at the gym”, and making good nutritionally choices, “Eat less sweets and easy on the meats, eat more veggies to make you less edgy … let’s talk about food to put you in the right mood, like fruit that’s so cute”, all of which is delivered with complete confidence and buckets of charm.

The overall message, which we find in the chorus, is that we have options: “Make your immune system nice and strong, so we’ll be more healthy with our wellness song; don’t let the trouble of the world get you down; there’s lots of choices to turn it all around.”

153268Pacific Elementary SchoolWellness Song 

Watch the Video HERE

"The students involved with the wellness song are so creative and caring. I appreciate their ability to collaborate in all aspects of making the video. The stop motion animation elements were especially fun," -  `Ms Wendy - GATE Mentor | Pacific Elementary School

Sing for Hope

The Sing For Hope Music Video Award is a new award category at the MY HERO International Film Festival which is sponsored by Sing for Hope, a nonprofit organization that calls upon the power of music and the arts to uplift and inspire communities around the world. The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of songwriters, who use their creative talents to shed light on inspiring heroes — everyday citizens, remarkable acts of kindness, or individuals and communities who have overcome adversity through creative endeavors. Said Jeanne Meyers, Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project. “The addition of this new award provides more opportunity to amplify messages of hope and foster creativity,”

The prize is funded by Sing for Hope board member Eva Haller. Winners are chosen in both youth and professional categories. Recipients will share a $2,000 cash prize to further support their artistic endeavors. "I am so pleased about the relationship Sing for Hope is building with the MY HERO Project,” said Eva Haller, Sing for Hope Board Chair Emeritus. “I am thrilled, excited, and proud of both organizations."

The Sing for Hope Music Video Award is one of many Special Awards that make up the MY HERO International Film Festival, which seeks to honor local and global heroes working for positive change in the world.

About the MY HERO International Film Festival:

The My Hero Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to showcasing films celebrating the power of the human spirit. Hosted by Eva Haller, a prominent philanthropist and advocate for social change, the festival provides a platform for filmmakers to share inspirational stories of everyday heroes. Thanks to generous sponsors, prizes are awarded to elementary, middle school, high school, college, and professionals in a variety of categories including documentary, narrative, music video, animation, experimental, and more.

The festival aims to inspire audiences to recognize the heroism in their own lives and encourage positive actions in their communities. Learn more.

Join us for the Awards Celebrations:

Saturday, November 18th at 2pm (PST). Festival winners and their heroes will be on hand to answer questions and share their stories. Short clips from select films will be screened. Awards are given to winners at Elementary, Middle School, High School, College and Professional levels. Register HERE.

Sunday, November 19th @ 10:30 am (PST). Celebration of Winners is a family-friendly virtual event! We will recognize select first-place winners in a variety of categories including: Sing for Hope Music Video Award, Mattie Stepanek Poetic Film Prize and Student Awards - Elementary, Middle, High School & College, Animation, Documentary, Narrative, Experimental, Trailer, Humanitarian, Poetic, Human Rights, Environmental, Immersive Storytelling Award, and more. Register HERE.

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