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rachel schempp | 4/29/2010 6:20 AM
i found the thing i wanted
Bryana | 3/25/2008 11:16 AM
i want to know the names of eleanor roosevelts children

Eleanor Roosevelt had six children.  Their names were Anna, Elliot, two named Franklin Jr., John and James. One Franklin Jr. died when he was a young child.

-- The MY HERO Library Staff

Rose-Marie Otis | 3/11/2008 1:31 AM
Thank you 4 your help it helped a lot
lauren | 3/10/2008 2:22 AM
thank you for your help.
catherine | 8/30/2007 9:47 AM
thank u so much this will help in my progect i have 2 do
Breanna | 2/6/2007 11:53 PM
thanks i got answers for my powerpoint
Katie | 2/5/2007 7:19 AM
Me and my friend are doing a NHD project on Eleanor roosevelt and we are personally inspired by what she has done we were wondering if you could give us the names of people she might have helped who were in the working areas and how she felt about descrimination against race and sex. and if you can give us reference of who she helped to use in our script for our performance.

Katie and Becka

The story on MY HERO about Eleanor Roosevelt is a good place to get started in your research:

You may also wish to contact the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum for more information:

-- The MY HERO Library Staff

Rachel | 12/14/2006 12:09 AM
Thank you so much for rthis website you this is where I got all of my answers for AIG!! Thanks!!!!
Rabecca | 11/26/2006 3:19 AM
I like how you put the kids names in I looked every where to find the names of the kids
sharika murray | 3/8/2006 1:58 AM
what are her children's names

Eleanor Roosevelt had six children.  One son died when he was a baby. Her children's names were Anna (1906), James (1907), Franklin Jr. (1909, died as infant), Elliott (1910), Franklin Jr. (1914) and John (1916).

The MY HERO Project Library Staff

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