The Wright brothers

by Henry from Dublin

I think a hero is someone that invents or does something that changes people's lives while persevering. Also a hero is brave and learns from their mistakes. My heroes are the Wright brothers.

Orville Wright was born August 19, 1871 in Dayton, Ohio and died on January 30, 1948 in Dayton, Ohio. Wilbur Wright was born April 16 1869 in Millville, Indiana and died May 30, 1912. While in high school, Wilbur intended to go to Yale but suffered a facial injury while playing hockey. That facial injury prevented him from continuing his education. Then in 1892 they opened the Wright Cycle Shop in Dayton. When the Wright Brothers took up flight they already had knowledge on how to build machines because of the Cycle shop.

 The Wright brothers had to persevere a lot. They persevered whenever one of their wing designs didn’t work out. They also invented the technique of wing warping. Before they succeeded they took a glider they had developed to Kitty Hawk, NC. That glider crashed because of wind. Then they went back to the drawing board and the next glider worked. They used that design to help succeed with the Wright Flyer.

The Wright brothers changed people’s lives by inventing the airplane. Imagine if you were in New York and wanted to get to Berlin, Germany. You would have to take a boat and then car. But since the Wright brothers invented the airplane, now you only have to take plane.

The Wright brothers were brave because they knew that Otto Lilienthal died while riding a glider because there was a sudden gust of wind. They knew that this could happen, in fact the day they flew on a windy day, the Wright brothers learned from their mistakes. An example of this is: they went to Kitty Hawk, NC to test out a glider they had produced, it crashed. The Wright brothers went back to the drawing board and made changes to the design like increasing the wing size. It improved but was impossible to control. They made a third glider and it was easier to control and could sustain lift.

The Wright brothers taught me that anything is possible and that things do not go right the first time, and also that perseverance is key. I hope that when I grow up I could be like them.

Thank you for reading my essay.

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