Theodor Geisel

by Elaina Esteban from San Diego, California in United States

123363Dr. Seuss with a few of his many characters.redtri.comNot all heroes wear capes, can stop a moving train, or save all of humanity. However, all heroes have one thing in common. Heroes care for the good of the world and have a drive to make a difference. Surely, when one thinks of a hero, the first thing they think of is not a giddy writer. But, if that writer is one who influences his readers to live under important morals, “hero” doesn’t seem too far off. The famous children’s author Theodor Geisel, or better known as Dr. Seuss, wrote many books that bring smiles on children’s faces. He put in all of his creativity and imagination to bring joy to his young readers. Not only are his books entertaining, but they also contain morals that will carry children through life positively. Seuss spreads a positive word for all to read as it did not stop at just children. Many grew up reading his famous books which lead to their children reading them as well and so on. In order to be considered a hero in the eyes of many, one must spread wellness despite a situation. Heroes make lasting impacts no matter how big or small. This criteria applies to all heroes. All heroes are strong whether its morally, physically, or in the mind. All heroes strive to make to world a better place no matter how many people the impact along the way. All heroes care for others and simply make the world a better place; dead or alive. Dr. Seuss’s ability to spread happiness throughout the world and create inspiring morals for everyone to live by are what makes him a hero.

123390Dr. SeussGetty ImagesDr. Seuss’s competence to write creatively enabled him to radiate happiness to all of his readers. Though they are mostly children’s books, he is able to spread wellness among them. The pictures were used to entertain, but it’s the words that really made a difference. An article describes his books and the words imbedded by writing, “Though Dr. Seuss books sometimes included morals, they sounded less like behavioral guidelines and more like, ‘listen to your feelings’ and ‘take care of the environment,’ universal ideas that would win over the hearts of youngsters from around the world” (Newsmakers). He spread good morals among his readers as his way to spread wellness around the world. For example, in one of his books, The Lorax, Seuss teaches the importance of taking care of our environment as there are innocent creatures that live within it. Our generations grow up into the world with these mentalities, making the world a better place. In addition to the morals he spreads, he also created a road to education amongst his readers. Dr. Seuss’s impact is described well as, “His books have been helping children learn to read for decades and his influence extends across continents” (Gale). Dr. Seuss has made an big impact on the world by becoming a reputable author. Educators and parentals trust him to write books that will educate the youth in a positive way. This was evident in his book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, as he promoted literacy while inspiring children that the future is theirs and their accomplishments are endless. Education was changed for the better while Seuss wrote his many books for children. The books he wrote were spread throughout the world because they were so famous. The quote uses the word continents instead of just countries because his books were more than that. The imagination, creativity, and literacy spread throughout the world is what made his impact so big. The messages in Dr. Seuss’s books are what make his books so impactful amongst his readers. His words contain morals that were important for children to live by as they grew up and is what make him a hero. All of his messages are also spread across the whole world. This enables him to spread happiness and his optimistic messages throughout all of humanity. His writing skills and imagination that were put into his books are what made him very special. He spreads wellness throughout the world, making him a hero.

Though Dr. Seuss has already passed, he is still very well remembered today as he made a lasting impact. When he was alive, he spread the importance of reading. The goal now is to continue the same attitude despite the fact that he is no longer here. This is evident when an article writes, “The works of Dr. Seuss are celebrated annually on Read Across America Day, a national event sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA) honoring Geisel’s birthday on March 2. The day is dedicated to helping children learn to love reading. Today, Geisel’s work continues to inspire readers and writers of all ages” (Gale). Even after Dr. Seuss’s death, he still has an effect on us today. We still celebrate his birthday as he has made a lasting impact on us all. If he didn’t make much of an impact, we wouldn’t still remember him today and dedicate a day solely to him and reading. This day is also a part of his lasting impact. This day is one way to spread the importance of reading for all children. Dr. Seuss has forever changed the reading world for all children. Read Across America Day is celebrated for him especially and is a way for his spirit to never die. His messages are still spreading today. Dr. Seuss made a big impact in the writing world. He changed the way children’s books were written and their reputation. An article writes, “Some critics look down their noses at “kiddie lit,” refusing to understand that, though written for people with less height or less vocabulary, children’s literature is not a lesser genre. It is literature, and good children’s literature is as worthy of praise as good literature for grown-ups” (Roback). Dr. Seuss is forever remembered even by grown adults. Though his books are meant for children, he writes well and expresses feelings and words most cannot. He gives books a more colorful meaning so more children would learn to love to read. He brings in more avid readers to continue to read throughout their life by creating a new meaning for books for children,. His books are more appealing to children because they were more fun. Just because more children read it, doesn’t mean it can only be recognized and remembered by children. Adults recognize how he has impacted reading for new generations. Dr. Seuss has made a lasting impact while he lived and is still remembered today. The messages in his books are still read today and the passion of reading is still spread today and celebrated on his birthday. He will forever be remembered as he made an abiding impact on the reading world.

123419Dr. Seuss's characterswww.honors.umass.eduDr. Seuss spread happiness and wellness throughout many people making a lasting impact on the world. The messages he spread as a writer and the mark he left of the world are what make him a hero. The messages Dr. Seuss portrayed in his children’s books spread amongst many children. These messages are what made the world a better place and raised morally sound children. He spread happiness throughout all of his readers which in essence changed the world since he had so many readers. Dr. Seuss also makes a lasting impact on the world. He is still famous today despite the fact that he has already passed. He doesn’t have to be alive to spread his messages and love for reading. Dr. Seuss spread happiness to everyone he could. Despite his hardships (finding out his first wife couldn’t have children and his first wife committing suicide), he still managed to create a positive outlook for his readers. He continued to spread wellness and his messages that encouraged children to stay optimistic and to love their home. Dr. Seuss’s quotes also inspire many people with his quotes. His quotes encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t matter.” They also encourage others to take a hold of their future. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” By spreading these words, people are inspired to live their lives the way they would like. Dr. Seuss brings a colorfulness and world of imagination to our world and will forever be remembered for doing so. By inspiring all of his readers and truly making his mark on the world, he is a hero.


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