Thomas Edison

by Alfonso D. from Montvale, New Jersey in United States

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                             By Alfonso DiPopolo

       Did you know that Thomas Edison has changed our lives by inventing the light bulb and everything else he has invented?  However, thanks to the light bulb, we won’t have to suffer from burning lanterns! Thomas Edison has so many accomplishments and a very interesting life!  Edison is a real hero, and here’s why!


       Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb, but he invented the phonograph and so much more!  Actually, he invented about 1,093 inventions total! Eventually, he changed the world with his famous inventions.


      Thomas Edison has a very interesting life with so many good events and some bad events, but anyway, this is his life:  Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847. His Father was a freethinker and his mother was a school teacher. When Edison was 13, he started working on the Grand Trunk Railroad.  And when he was 15, he saved a toddler from being run over by a train. The child’s father was very grateful, so he taught Edison how to use a telegraph. Eventually, Edison started his lab in Newark, NJ when he  got older.


After he had his lab, his first invention was the phonograph.  The phonograph could record words of what people say. But, Edison wanted to solve the big picture: how can he make a light without using fire?  He wanted to make an incandescent, or luminous- lamp. He had also wanted to attach a string of fiber, or some other safe material for the light.  But finally, Edison had invented the light bulb, and made it shine and pop on New Years Eve. A few years after that, Edison established The Naval Research Laboratory for the military during World War 1.  Sadly, a few years later, Thomas Edison had died in West Orange on October 18, 1931.

       Thomas Edison is a hero because he has changed the world with his magnificent inventions, and never gave up.  It was sad that he died, but we still remember him for his life and accomplishments too. Even if people thought that he had no chance of succeeding, he still had taken the risk!       

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