Thomas Edison

by Tony A from United States

130108Thomas EdisonPublic DomainThomas Edison brought a lot of  things into our lives. He invented the phonograph, lightbulb, alkaline battery and a lot of other things. He was born on February 11, 1847 and died on October 18, 1931. He said “genius quote is 1 percent inspiration 99 percent perspiration”. Most importantly he made our lives  a lot easier with his hard work and inventions.

He went to school for twelve weeks. However he didn’t do well in school and as a result his mother homeschooled him.

Another thing is that he was the youngest boy out of seven children. As a young boy he wanted to get more knowledge. In fact as a hobby he took things apart to see how they worked. This led him to wanting to be a inventor. After that started working at the age of 12. After that he became a genius inventor. He built a small factory and facility. Then he expanded his operation to Menlo Park.

He invented many useful things. Thomas’s first invention was the universal stock printer. Another invention was the phonograph. This was the first machine that could record someone’s voice and play it back. He also developed the alkaline storage battery ,which was used for electric vehicles.  Lastly his biggest accomplishment of all was the lightbulb, improved further. All of these inventions helped humans. By using the phonograph people could make clocks that tell time and phonographic books for blind people. The light bulb also helped, because, back then people used candles and gas lights. That was dangerous because they let out smoke that got into people's lungs. In addition it was dangerous to carry it around because they could get burned. The light bulb doesn’t let out smoke and it is safer than candles or torches. It proved to be long lasting and affordable.  

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of all time. He made our world a lot better with his inventions. He failed many times before succeeding but never gave up. I believe that is how he was able to succeed at being a great inventor and a hero as well.  


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