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Thura''s Diary: My Life in Wartime Iraq

By Thura al-Windawi, Robin Bray (Translator)

Publisher: Viking, March 2004
ISBN: 0670058866
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
From the Publisher
Nineteen-year-old Thura al-Windawi kept a diary during the conflict in Iraq, saying that it was her way of †controlling the chaos.† The diary, which documents the days leading up to the bombings, the war itself, and the lawless aftermath, puts a personal face on life in Baghdad. As Thura describes her life and that of her two younger sisters, she shows readers the many small details that illuminate the reality of war for Iraqi families, and especially for Iraqi children.
User Reviews:
awat | 12/10/2009 3:41 AM
its a cool book i like it
ky nhan | 5/28/2009 6:37 AM
I am reading Thura book , and it's so awesome diary book I've never seen before.
sarah | 6/10/2008 4:08 AM
this book is great it tells you how every iraqi felt in that horrible war i really want to thank thura al-windawi. i am an iraqi too i really felt exactly like thura in the war i was in the uk but all my family were in iraq i really did not know any thing about them there was no way of contact which made me think something happened to them that they might of even died i could not sleep the night i kept worrying and haven nasty dreams about them
Arif | 4/20/2008 6:18 AM
Hi i am Arif khan and i am reading your book THURA'S DIARY at school and it think it is a really nice book but i aws wondering why did u skip 27, march 2003

[email protected] | 7/21/2007 9:00 PM
i am reading this book in the moment,it is really great book cuz i know how it feels when you are in war, cuz i have been to a situation like that in afghanistan. wish you the best in the future dear thura.
Reader | 6/28/2007 7:04 PM
I'm glad she kept this diary. Personal accounts often help people relate better to situations than a string of facts in a history book.
Amanda | 3/13/2007 3:27 AM
it was sad....
Emily 3 | 2/1/2007 5:22 AM
this book is the most amazingest i've ever read. i understand everything completely and wish that this would have never happend. It breaks my heart to hear of her and other people's troubles. I wish i could do something... o and another thing is that im the 2nd person to check it out in my school...i think  after i do my book report on febuary 2 2007 then others would want to read about it too.
kellie | 12/30/2006 12:44 AM
i think it is so sad that i am the only pearson who has ever checked it out at my school. Thura makes it feel like your there during the bombing.last night when i found out he-who-i-dared-myself-to-never-say-his-name,was dead i wondered what Thura was doing.I think Thura is a great pearson and shold be given a noble prize and her diary a newbery honer.I hope that one day all the other kids at my school will understand that Thura is a girl who, like everyone else wants this cruel war to end.I hope one day I come face-to-face with thura so I can tell her that it thought me not to misjudge people from another contry.
emily | 7/25/2006 11:12 AM
this story touched me very much it was sad and i loved reading it because it kept me hooked & im not a person thats into reading very much so this book was excellente' id like to know what thura is doing today and where shes at in life
dawnesha | 11/26/2005 8:07 AM
that book was great. it inspired me.
Mansour | 10/23/2004 7:51 AM
For those who did not live the war they have to read this story as it is a real story.
Dr Hasan | 9/6/2004 4:52 AM
This is a real story and Thura was so good in presenting her diary. I think she should write more and more on the days of the war.

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