I'm a child that fell in love with animals at such a young age. I have always been inspired by Tia Torres so that's why I chose to do her.

Tia Torres

by Jaelynn Garcia from Mrs. Safreed's room

"My mission is to rescue. My dream is that one day I won't have to."

131735her book hero's name is Tia Torres. She is a business owner of my favorite show, Pit Bulls and Parolees. She's a mother of four kids and the writer of a book. Two of them are adopted and the others are hers. At the business, everyone is like her child there. She seems like a very nice person and I would really like to meet her. If I could I would be super excited, which one day I will. That's my goal, to adopt a dog from there and keep it forever.

My hero lives in News Orleans. She started Pit Bulls and Parolees in Louisiana. If you don't know what her business is for, it's for animals that don't have homes or have been abused. It's so animals that have always been scared don't have to be anymore. I have always wanted to work there or save animals since I was really young. Her goal is to make all dogs have a good home and to not have to end up in the streets anymore.

My hero has saved animals and I have always wanted to be like her, where if I see an animal on the streets to be able to go and pick it up and make it feel loved just like she does. I have always has animals as my top priority and have had animals around me since I was born. My life is honestly all about animals. My family has always called me the animal whisperer because I have always been good with animals. I have gone through a bunch of dogs but they have all been great, I have also had the best cat ever. Every time I think of an animal on the street I just want to call Tia Torres so she can save it.

She is important to me because the love she has for animals is a huge inspiration to me. I just want to be like her. I have always wanted to be like her. I love how nice she is and how much she loves animals. I love animals a lot and will always love animals. I have been through a lot with different animals. If you feel like you need somebody to talk to, you can always talk to animals. They will always be there for you to talk to. I have had to do that many times just because there was a lot going on and I felt like I couldn't talk to anybody. My hero was born June 11, 1960 and is 58 years old.

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