by Heather from Fallsburg

Tiger is my hero because he is a good cat. People might think that just because they are cats that they can’t be a hero. Well he is my hero not because he saved me from being alone, Not because he is cute, but because lots of reasons.

He taught me that cats might be cute but when they are mad don’t mess with them. He also taught me how to be responsible. You can’t think just that they are cats they don’t feel, taste, or play.

You might think that they are just animals. Well they are not. You might think they are just animals that they can be replaced. They can’t be replaced. Basically every animal is different in there own special way.

Believe it or not a cat taught me that. He is my best and truest person in my family. They might be cute and cuddly but once you get him or her they’re your responsibility.

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