by Suzanne from Pinehurst

My hero is talented.
My hero will cheer me up.
My hero is furry, has whiskers and a tail.
Can you guess who my hero is?
My cat, Tiny!

Tiny is a hero for many reasons. For example, once I heard about a talent show. I could not wait to see the audition! I was so excited! Then one Thursday morning, I read an article in the paper that stated, "The talent show is only for fourth and fifth graders." I was so disapointed because I was only a third grader. Then my cat looked at my unhappy face and knew that something was wrong. Tiny came close to me and rubbed against my feet several times. Immediately, I felt much better.

I can always depend on my cat to lift my spirits.

Once I was not feeling well. My stomach ached like there was a knife going through it. I had to sit in bed all afternoon. At about two o'clock, my cat came into my room. Tiny flipped up on my bed and did several flips; even though my stomach was hurting, I had to laugh at her.

Tiny is very special to me. When I'm gloomy, she will cheer me up. When I'm hurt, she will make me feel better. I think my cat is very smart. She is a great cat.

Written by Suzanne , Pinehurst Elementary School.

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