Tom Brady

by Destiny from Illinois in United States

Tom Brady could have been a better player. Tom Brady could have been a better player because he shouldn’t cheat.          

His childhood was hard because he wanted to become a football player but he failed the first time.

            Then the second time he got it.  He was married to Gisele BUNDCHEN.  He had zero kids. He was born August 3rd 1977.  He lived in Brookline.  He is famous because he is a good football player.

            He became famous by being a football player that practices football every day and throws the football to the other people from the goal line. This is why he is famous.

            How TOM Brady changed society is he became a famous football and mostly every person has loved him. He is a awesome and amazing player. Tom can throw the football powerfully. That is why Tom BRADY is famous.

            He also loved fans that came and watched him play football. Tom BRADY is a good football player because when he plays football he gets his fans All happy and cheering for him. That is why TOM Brady is a good football player.

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