by Jeanne from Laguna

I have known Tony for over twenty years. As a student in college he worked for me in the media services office. Tony loved to have fun but embraced his studies as well. After college Tony's passion became his art and like many artists Tony has struggled to find a way to support himself . Yet somehow in the pursuit of this challenging dream he has managed to create a beautiful family. I am so proud of the way he has grown up to be a fine father and a good husband.

Tony has worked hard at staying true to his vision of being an artist.

His work is often strange and sometimes difficult to appreciate, but he continues to express himself creatively and his work improves as time goes on.

He has married a wonderful woman and together they have made a beautiful family. Tony adores his daughter, his son and his wonderful wife. Together they work hard to provide for their family and to keep true to their vision of creating art.

I think they know what is really important... LOVE and FAMILY and appreciating a good time together.

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