Tori Degen

Film Festival 2005 Make a Wish

Tori Degen's resilience and optimism inspire hope in others.

After surviving two bouts with cancer, Tori has become committed to volunteering and sharing her story. As lead ambassador to the Make a Wish Foundation, she speaks at events several times a month. She is dedicated to the Make A Wish Foundation for its ability to foster a community of strength and love.

Tori also finds time to participate in the annual Relay for Life event in Laguna Beach, California.

She believes, "If you keep smiling, then other people around you will do the same thing, and it will all turn out better in the end."

Tori felt honored to be chosen by her classmates. "I was really excited when Jamie and Olivia chose me to interview for their project, because I love talking about my experiences and the organizations I am involved with, in hopes of opening peoples' eyes in regards to what they can do for others in need. I can only hope that my story will serve as an inspiration to others, whether they may be battling their own diseases, or even if they just know someone that has been affected by cancer. By sharing my story, I feel as if I am also telling the stories of others that have overcome adversity, and giving strength to those who may someday have to."

We appreciate Tori's positive outlook and we are certain she will continue to affect others with her story.

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Extra Info

Make A Wish
Special Hero Award 2005 - Tori Degen
Produced by Jamie Hancock, Olivia Van Slyke & Katie Rabun

A portrait of Tori, a two-time cancer survivor, volunteers with charity organizations.

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Tori @ the Billies
MY HERO Reporter Tori Degen
Produced by MY HERO

MY HERO Reporter Tori Degen interviews celebrities at the red carpet of the Billie Awards about their heroes.

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