by Rishaan Mukherjee from Bangalore

My Poem On T.Raja:


The tale of two parents

who raised a boy with a lack of affection.

Provoked by this situation,

The young boy started smoking, stealing, and got an alcohol addiction.


Robbed parents of their prized possessions

when things didn’t go his way.

The parents began a procession, 

when he was on the streets and left astray. 


The one he called family

was the street dog right beside him.

Sleeping in concrete cylinders

when the sky began to dim.


Off he went to Chennai,

In search of a source of income.

His old habits got a hold of him-

So they fired him and he became a bum.


He continued the life of crime,

Where he stole and got away.

But little did he know that day,

That the cops were on their way.


They cuffed his hands with metal,

He began to become unsettled.

They sent him to a location,

Where he would begin to cool his kettle.


Raja was now in the Judas Jail

conditions were rather unsanitary.

He was sick and under the weather,

So he prayed to Jesus and Mother Mary.


Miraculously he was cured,

His belief in the Lord grew stronger.

So he prayed once again but with a deal,

So this torment won't last any longer.


His parents came and released him

paying a heavy fine.

With the money, he got a drivers license

and things started to seem sublime.


He drove and wandered the streets,

On his brand new rickshaw.

He saw the homeless from a new point of view,

And began to see Bangalore’s flaws.


He contemplated about the poor

and asked the Lord one query;

If they were really his people,

Then why did they look so weary?


With his compassion and determination to help them,

and his arms wide open.

He helped give a man a new life,

who was hungry, skinny, and broken.


He took him to his dad’s old garage,

Where he provided him with food.

His parents kept mocking him

For his plans were just misunderstood.


He continued to rescue more people,

His empire began to rise.

His aspirations became a New Ark Mission,

Which took him by surprise.


The home of hope began to grow and evolve,

and he received several awards.

A comeback story is better than a success story

And his story is worth a round of applause.


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