I am a person who loves giving credit where it is deserved, and not taking any for myself...I am compassionate and honest,  and love talking as well as listening.  I am what the Bible describes as a "Cheerful Giver," and would love to do more if I could.  I love helping others in need, with my time mostly...and $ if needed.  Also love helping someone learn how to be independent if possible.


by Jan Hardy from Billings, Montana in United States

"GIVE a man a fish, and he eats for a day; TEACH a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime."

129342Travis(L) with son, personal pic fileTravis is one in a million! He is hemiplegic; only has use of his arms/hands.  He owns/maintains a home, and as a Single Dad, is raising 2 sons: a teenager and an elementary age child.  Travis works part time at Lowe's, and loves his job.  He drives himself and the boys wherever they need to go, and uses a manual wheelchair so he can transfer himself to and from his car and put his wheelchair where it needs to be.  Travis does carpentry work and has a hobby doing woodwork. Travis is an inspiration to me because when I am feeling down, I have a tendency to go on a pity trip...and when I look at what Travis has to overcome to do what he does, my "parties" don't last so long!!

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