What inspired me to write this poem is how crazy people are already forgetting what happened because social media, has been spreading across the globe, and there is this thing called "trends" where a certain topic gets a lot of views like 2020, the COVID pandemic has been one of the biggest trends all over apps and people have been talking about it, making memes, etc and that time, our frontliners were one of the most highly workers to stop this, and we have been all cheering for them.. But then, new trends take place, its either about the wars of Ukraine and Russia, or cute random videos about animals. The vaccine for Coronavirus came and people began forgetting how hard our doctors and solders worked for us to live our lives again. So I wrote this poem, so people can remember what life was like for us, during that time, and how our nation's hero saved us.

True Heroes

by Regina Cordero from Metro Manila in Philippines


Have we all forgotten our nation's angels?

Our minds, drowning in the fictitious world

with it's sea filled technology that kills


I know warriors invisible to our eyes

blessed with wisdom from immortal Athena

and courage from the God Ares.


Heroes don't wear capes or masks

the war of disease, still existing

doctors equipped with scrubs and gloves

with bodies on battlefield, another soul gone

and here we are frozen in time

in the world of online.


Brothers that are called, to fight our wars

leaving behind wives and babies unborn.

Some return, with scars to remember

yet other lay lifeless, leaving families clueless

and while they fight till their last breath

here we are thoughtless

gazing in gadgets.


Hurrah to those who recognize these men

for they know our heroes, sincerely immense

and to those who are still swimming in media,

I hope you bid farewell to that

and say hello to our heroes from the past.


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