UN Disarmament Week Teacher Lesson Plan

Share the importance of disarmament with your students with MY HERO's Multimedia Resources/Teacher Lesson Plan. Includes Discussion guide and learning outcomes.


Disarmament Week kicks off on the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (24 October). It calls for abandoning the use of force in international relations and seeking security in disarmament.



Ron Kovic is an American anti-war activist, artist and former United States Marine Corps sergeant, who was wounded and paralyzed in the Vietnam War. 

Students read the following story and watch the film about Ron Kovic, then consider the discussion questions and activities. 


Ron Kovic

By: Betty Bailey and Jeanne Meyers

Ron Kovic is a best selling author, activist and artist whose story was immortalized by Tom Cruise in the Hollywood movie Born on the Fourth of July. 

Honoring RON KOVIC

Produced by:Jeanne Meyers
Ron Kovic is an accomplished author, painter, and activist who has worked for world peace over the last 40 years.


Great for ESL/ELL students and Emerging Readers

The following stories are available in text and audio allowing students to listen and read along before considering the discussion questions and activities. 


Marianne Williamson

By: Wendy Jewell from The MY HERO Project

Marianne Williamson is the founder of the Department of Peace Campaign.

Daniel Ellsberg

By: Robert Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg is a whistle blower and truth teller responsible for publishing the Pentagon Papers.

Mohamed Sidibay

By: Annie Merkley

Mohamed Sidibay speaks out to give a name and a face behind the stories of child soldiers.


Students view the following film, Crazy for Peace, about a local peace activist in Laguna Beach, California and consider the discussion questions. 


Crazy For Peace

By: Wendy Milette

Jeanie Bernstein has left a legacy of activism on her Laguna Beach community.

Discussion Questions and Activities

1. The heroes featured in the stories and films all work for peace. What motivated each of them? Why is their story important in today's world?

2. Where are the areas of conflict in the world today? Who is working for peace in these areas? Research and share the story of a contemporary peace hero with MY HERO.  

3. Do you know of a peace activist in your community? Share their story with MY HERO? 

4. What can you do to promote peace in your community or country? Create an action plan, get others involved and share your story with MY HERO? 


Learning Outcome

After viewing these films the participants will have a deeper respect for the heroes in the films. These films reflect on unique individuals with developmental disabilities and their ability to live an empowered life. Participants will feel inspired and empowered to overcome obstacles in their own lives and reach for worthy goals.

Stories, Art and Film about Nuclear Disarmament


Students read the story about Sadako Sasaki, a girl who died from radiation sickness after the Hiroshima bombing. This story is available in text with audio so students can listen as they read along. Great for ESL/ELL learners. 

Read the story about Yuri Mason, an artist who lived in Japan during the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing and became an advocate for complete nuclear disarmament.

Students watch the movie, The Nuclear Genie, which includes a brief history of nuclear weapon development and the need for nuclear disarmament.

Students analyze the mural created by Japanese students.

Students consider the discussion questions and activities. 


Sadako Sasaki

By: Amanda E. from Derry NH

Sadako Sasaki inspired an international peace movement. Story available with audio for ESL/ELL learners. 

Yuri Mason

By: Monica Olson

Yuri Mason, an advocate for nuclear disarmament, shared her love of life and peace through the power of her paintings.

The Nuclear Genie

By: Erik Choquette

A short film warning about the dangers of nuclear arms!


By: Youth of Kagoshima

Students paint a prayer for non-nuclear peace.

Discussion Questions and Activities

1. After reading the story about Sadko Sasaki, research the effects of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.    

2. Research the nuclear weapon threats that exist today. What is being done?

3. Research activists and groups working towards nuclear disarmament. Who do you admire? Share their story with MY HERO. 

4. Create an original piece of artwork about peace and nuclear disarmament to submit to the MY HERO Art Gallery.  

5. Learn to make origami cranes and create a display to honor Sadko Sasaki and others who died due to radiation poisoning. Take a photograph of your project and submit it to MY HERO. 

Story for Younger Readers written by a Young Writer


Use this story about Loung Ung as an example for younger writers. Have students choose their hero for peace, research their hero and write a story explaining why they chose their hero. Students should submit their stories to MY HERO.


Loung Ung

By: Cynthia from Denver

Loung Ung was forced to be a child soldier in Cambodia, and has since become a human rights activist.

Illustrations of the pursuit of peace and disarmament from the Gallery 


Students analyze the artwork below and discuss the message each piece portrays. Then individually or as a group, students create their own original artwork depicting peace and disarmament to submit to MY HERO.


No War Zone

By: Ahmed Lavaly of Sierra leone

Artist was 16 year old student at Sierra Leone Grammar School who was representing  UN reconciliation efforts.

May Peace Prevail on Earth 2013 by Peace Pals International winning student artist

By: James Chen from USA

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

By: Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Picasso created Guernica,  perhaps the greatest anti-war mural ever.


Laura Nietzer

The UN Disarmament Week lesson plan was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

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Teachers Calendar
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Create Program
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UN Disarmament Week Website
Credit: UN
Marianne 2020 : Build a US Department of Peace
Credit: Marianne 2020

Students can share their Hero Essays, Films and Art through our Create Program

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