Brian Urlacher

by Ryan from Illinois


Brian Urlacher was born in Pasco, Washington, May 25, 1978. He went to college in New Mexico. When he went to high school he suddenly got interested in football. Brian finished his career as New Mexico’s third all-time leading tackler with 442 stops. He also had 3 interceptions, 11 sacks, and caused 11 fumbles.

Brian Urlacher is a Chicago Cubs fan. He is important to me because he is on the Chicago Bears which is my favorite football team and he is an awesome football player. Brian Urlacher is still one of the most popular current Chicago Bears players. Everyone considers him to be one of the “monsters of the midway”.

Brian was named all-district in basketball his senior year at high school. During the 2000 NFL draft he was picked by the Chicago Bears in the first round. He became the middle linebacker.

Brian Urlacher was on Wheel of Fortune and won over $47,000 and donated it all to charity. Urlacher was married, then later divorced. His jersey was the NFL top seller in 2002 followed by Tom Brady’s and Michael Vick’s. He is also a businessman. He is the owner of an auto dealership in New Mexico. He likes to golf in his spare time. He likes to listen to hip-hop, rap, and rock music.

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