Using MY HERO Resources with ESL/ELL Students

MY HERO's FREE Online Resources are designed to enrich learning for students at home and school working on computers, tablets and smartphones.  

Use the MY HERO Directory of Stories with Audio for the following lesson ideas.

Link: Listen and Read Along Stories Directory
Credit: MY HERO

Student Assignment: Create a list or grid of pictures from the MY HERO ELL stories for students to read along as they listen and take notes.  Assign students a hero to listen and take notes and be able to report back on their assigned hero.

Use the following questions to guide students:

1. Who is your assigned hero? 

2. Where are they from? When did they live or are they still alive?

3. What good things have they done? List two.

4. Why do you think what they did is important? Give two reasons.

5. How can other people do similar good things? Give one idea and explain.

Group Discussion:

Each student shares the answer to the questions about their heroes. If more than one student has the same hero, they take turns answering the questions.

What do these stories about people doing good things have in common?

Which hero impressed you the most? Why?

Have any of the heroes inspired you? How? What can you do?

Extension Activity:

Use a medium of choice (crayons, pencils, paints, paper, digital art) to create a picture of someone doing an act of kindness or other heroic action. Share the pictures. 

Students sign our Guestbook by writing a few sentences honoring a hero.

Sign the MY HERO Guestbook
Credit: MY HERO

Students submit original artwork to the Gallery

MY HERO Gallery
Credit: MY HERO

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