Teachers Heroes

Vikki Dixon

by Marissa from Saginaw

This is my hero her name is Vikki Dixon she works at Saginaw Eleamentry her job is a C.M. teacher

The reason she is my hero is because she nice and a freedom women she's loveable and care's about the people around her she's very generous does not like guns or gangs.

This is why I have chosen Mrs.Vikki Dixon because she was the first African American teacher I've had. I met her in the fouth grade, ever since then I just got attached to her she used to call me her baby girl and she still does.

When I got in trouble she was always there to get me out one day I was sick and I couldn't get a hold of my mom she let me stay in her room the hole day.

Now that I am in the 8th grade I still go see her the first day of school in between the years and on the last day of school and I always let her know how Iam doing I think that shes the sweetest women I've ever met.And that is my hero Mrs. Vikki Dixon.

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