Vania kamal

by Vania from Pakistan

If I were to choose a hero for myself, so I would choose my mother. She is not a queen of a palace. She is my mother who bought me into this world. She made me capable to, stand on my feet. If she wouldn't be there for me in those hard times when I almost lost hope, maybe I would never move on. She is the reason for my every success. She is a working lady. And her qualities always impressed me like strong decision powers, problem-solving, punctuality, respecting others, honesty, and so on.

She had gone through many dilemmas in her life, and she had fought with all just to give us a better life. Back then, when I was little and didn't know the world, she was the only one to tell me the truth about the world. She taught me about the bad and good things of life and guided me on how to spend my life. She taught me more than I could have learned from the books. She is my teacher, friend, protector, and person with whom I can share my thoughts. My mom is my superhero and my inspiration. She is my world.

During Covid-19, I found my mom more powerful and compassionate about how she deals with the different phases of life. In those hard times, when there was a lockdown, everyone was at home. Offices were also closed. And we had to face many issues as well as financial crises. We all were locked up in our houses and couldn't go out for enjoyment. That time my mom didn't make us feel bored, she entertains us by engaging in some activities with her. We were also not going to school, and our online classes were planned to start. At that time we didn't have a computer so she bought it during Covid just for our ease.

Her qualities like, time management, and punctuality are the one I would like to adopt in my personality because she believes these qualities are key to your success in your personal and professional life. And also to learn from her experiences to understand things quickly. In every spare of life, these qualities always make you successful. Punctuality shows how punctual and how organized you are. And time management shows the ability that you are able to divide your time according to the activities.

In the essence of the text, my mother is the one I adore the most. The way she does her job and then looks after us and completes the house chores is immense. She never got tired of her job and tries her best to fulfill her responsibilities. To me, my mom is the best mother in the world who withstand with me in my difficulties and gives me the courage to move on. The bond and affection between my mother and me can never break up. I love my mom so much. In simple words we can describe her:

M- Magnificent

O- Outstanding

T- Tender

H- Honorable

E- Extraordinary

R- Remarkable

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