Teachers Heroes

Vicky Bentley Smith

by Nicole

I never cared much for any of my teachers. I always figured that they didnt care much about me, so why even bother caring about them? I just went to their class- I didnt bother to strike up much on a conversation with any of them. I simply did the work for their class- and if I REALLY didn't like them, sometimes I wouldnt even do that.

My sophomore year I had a really cool homeroom teacher. Mrs.V Smith. I thought she seemed pretty nice- and even though she didn't really know me, she always said something nice to me. When I was making my schedule for my senior year, I requested to have her for Senior English. I saw her often in the halls and I always said "Hi Homeroom Teacher!" to her, just being silly me.

So I had her my Senior year. When school started she told us she would be gone for a few weeks for medical purposes. I understood, but I was upset at the same time. This was the class I had looked forward to, but she wouldn't be there. Our substitute was just that--a substitute. She was no Mrs.Smith. I started to hate the class. I didn't do my homework. I failed all my tests. I fell asleep when she was reading to us. I didn't want to be there. I made an F in her class that six weeks.

Mrs.Smith came back after three weeks--and I've never been so happy to see a teacher before in my life! I started to pay attention in class and take notes. Before I knew it I had a B. I grew the utmost respect for her as my teacher. But I started to grow the utmost respect for her as a friend as well. I began to grow extremely close to her. We started to "bond" as most would say. As students picked on her, I stuck up for her. I got angry when someone disrespected her.

She was the only teacher I felt respected me back. I began to lean on her in time of needs. I wrote her little notes when something was bothering me, got her inspirational cards to let her know no matter how many students disrespected her, I would NEVER do that to her. By the end of the year, she was a very special friend to me that I felt I could tell anything to. She was there for me when I needed her. She was the one I went to when I was worried about geometry, and I was the one she cried on when a cheating scandal went on. I learned much Poetry from her...I learned a lot about England, Anglo-Saxons, etc, etc. None of that will escape my mind ever. But she taught me many more important things- she taught me more about life than anyone ever has. I only hope that when I become an English teacher, I will be as successful as she has been.

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