Teachers Heroes

Vicky B. Smith

by Nicole

In English Class we are reading an Epic called Beowulf. He's a brave hero who has the hand grip of "thirty men" and goes off to fight off all these monsters.

My hero may not have the hand grip of thirty men, and she has hasn't fought any monsters, but in my eyes she is a far much more a hero than Beowulf will ever be. But she and Beowulf have something special in common...They both saved at least one life.

My hero is my English Teacher, Vicky Smith. No rock star or movie star...just a lil ole English Teacher. But to me she isn't some lil ole English Teacher...She's an amazing person who showed me so much in one year that it's going to be extremely hard for me to leave at the end of the year.

Vabs (as I call her) taught me alot about England...and we learned about literature. But she taught me stuff that will NEVER be released from my brain. She taught me how to deal with the hard times in life and that there is always hope. She made sure I knew that she was there for me. When at times I felt so utterly alone, all I had to do was to go to English class and I didn't feel that way anymore.

I had her for a homeroom teacher my sophomore year. I remember always passing her in the halls and saying, "Hi, Mrs. Homeroom Teacher"...just being silly ole me. But little did I know that years later she would be totally affecting my life. I never knew then that she would save my life. I never knew she was going to be the one pulling me through my senior year. I'm supposed to be rowing to my lighthouse...But Vabs is the one helping me out....She's the one throwing me the life jacket when I need it!

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