Media Arts 2020




Cinema ceases to be passive and becomes active: you, the audience, are now, in some senses, in charge of the filmmaking process. You have all got mobile phones,

you have all got cam recorders, and you've all got laptops, so you're all filmmakers.- Peter Greenaway  



The Best Feature Films Shot on a Smartphone

What are the best feature length films shot on an iPhone or other smartphone? The list is getting longer find out the best ones made so far.











CNBC - How To Shoot Better Video With Your Phone

Your smartphone is a very capable video camera. Learn from a pro video producer on how to take advantage of all it's features and shoot the best video possible.














Top 5 Tips for Amazing Video with a Smartphone

Danny Winget gives tips for budget filming using the devices we have in our hands everyday. Widget goes over specifications of phones, mounts, tripods, lighting and the software to edit your creations.