Media Arts 2020




 - 3 Types of Music Videos

What is the difference between performance videos, storyline videos, and experimental videos? A quick video of the classifications of music videos and examples. 














How to Make a Music Video on a Budget

You've heard the story before, an artist you really love agrees to shoot a music video with you only to find out that they have no budget and need to get it done this weekend? Is it possible to make something high end? Can you still make a cinematic music video with good lighting, camera direction and locations? Well to find out we teamed up with Chrys from @YCImaging to shoot a no prep, no budget, no location, minimal gear music video at Art Factory Studios with local New Jersey rapper Trillionaire Daz. We ran into a lot of challenges and one big surprise that you'll have to watch to find out!








How To Make A Music Video With Your Phone

A 20+ Unit MASTERCLASS on making high quality music videos with your phone. There has never been a better time to make amazing music videos from home.