Viola Vaughn Multimedia Lesson Plan

Multimedia curated teacher resource with learning outcomes honoring Dr. Viola Vaughn, founder of the 10,000 Girls Education Program. The program works to keep girls in school in Senegal, while teaching them entrepreneurial skills.

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MY HERO recommends reading this story to learn more about Viola Vaughn. ESL students are able to listen and read along using the audio link on the story page. This story has a version in French. 

Viola Vaughn

By: Brande from Spokane

Viola Vaughn founded an organization that supports girls working to achieve academic success in Africa.

Students watch these two films to learn more about Viola Vaughn, the importance of her work with 10,000 Girls Education Program in Senegal and the challenges she addresses.

Ten Thousand Girls

Produced by:Adams Sie

Mrs. Viola Vaughn runs "10,000 Girls," a project in Senegal, Africa, which aims to help girls in education and vocational training. (3:53 minutes)

Girls' Education

Produced by:Adams Sie

Summer PENCC gives children the platform to discuss the importance of girls’ education. (3:09 minutes)

Discussion Questions

1. What are the challenges girls in countries like Senegal encounter when seeking access to education?

2. How has 10,000 Girls Education Program addressed the challenges to education girls face? 

3. Do you know of any other people or organizations working to address issues that may be preventing girls from receiving an education? Who are they? Share their story with MY HERO.

4. What can you do to ensure that all children have the ability to receive an education? Create an action plan and share your story with MY HERO.


Learning Outcomes

Students will develop critical thinking skills as they discuss barriers to education. They will evaluate obstacles some children face that impact their ability to go to school. Students are encouraged to create an action plan. 

Teachers: Visit MY HERO for additional curated multimedia resources honoring Viola Vaughn.

Viola Vaughn Curated Multimedia Resource Organizer 


Laura Nietzer

The Viola Vaughn lesson plan was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

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