Violet Fairdale

by Nishi Parekh from Rajkot in India

  1. My hero is a fictional character named Violet Faridale (in the book The Faerie Guardian)
  2. My hero has helped the faerie to get rid of the evil lurking in the corner
  3. My hero(Violet) lives in creepy hollow-is a guild for faeries 
  4. My hero is important to me because she taught me that no matter what happens never let anything stop you. Even though she had to work with the one person she hated the most (whom at a later stage she started having feelings about) she never let that stop her. Also when she had lost her memories she still never gave up on saving her home.
  5. Violet is a strong-headed stubborn faerie who lost both her parents at a young age but still she was the best warrior at school and she wanted her name written in golden letters in the faerie castle because she would get the chance to see the castle-where her mother had once (when she was young) kept a box which was very precious to Violet as it was the key to open up her past.
  6. I chose Violet to be my inspirational figure because she taught me that if you want something very bad then you take action and achieve it. She also taught me that even females can be the best warriors the world has seen. One thing that Violet taught me that will be imprinted in my heart forever is that love and kindness together makes you the strongest.

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