Teachers Heroes

Wes Blauss

by Andy

To say someone is a hero is fairly easy, but to say that and mean it is a completely different story. These people, these true heroes are the ones who change us, who shape us, and who help us during our journey. Without a doubt, the person who has influenced me the most was my sixth grade teacher, Wes Blauss. This man is simply an incredible teacher as his students yearn to learn and love to attend class. I know I did when I was in sixth grade. I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Blauss for two subjects: science and language arts. I loved the science he taught. He made it electrifying with his interactive teaching style and entertaining demonstrations. Ever since his class, I have been a top science student, pursuing the field with great enthusiasm. I also had this wonderful man as my language arts instructor. Prior to his teaching, I felt that English was an extremely boring class. He certainly changed all this. Among other things, he recited poems while dancing on top of desks, filling the room with excitement. Mr. Blauss also changed me as a person. I was very shy and he encouraged me to show my creative side. Before I knew it, I was writing adventure stories, performing at talent shows, and even taking the role of Little John in Mr. Blauss’s production of Robin Hood. It was in his language arts class that I developed an interest in medieval times and epic heroes. The concept of the hero has been the subject of my two Spellman essays. Therefore, I can truly say with a bit of humble authority that Wes Blauss is a hero – my hero. Not only is he an amazing teacher, but he is an extraordinary man. I admire him for his courage in the face of adversity as he is currently battling cancer. Unquestionably, Wes Blauss is a remarkable person who has had a profound impact on my life.

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