Waris Dirie

by Pika from Slovenia

My Hero

  • A hero is a persevering and lionhearted person, that you admire and usually makes you feel safe or protected around him/her, because of his/her mostly risky, dangerous or fearless doings (behavior).
  • My hero is Waris Dirie.Waris escaped from her family when she was only 13 years old- because of an arranged marriage to a much older man-and moved to London. She helped her wide family there, learnt English, become a model and succeeded. Then she abandoned her modeling career and focused on her work against female genital mutilation and started the Desert Dawn Foundation, which raises money for schools and clinics in Somalia. A supermodel has already saved many girls from female genital mutilation.
  • She is important to me because she fought for her better life, for her dreams. When somebody mentions her, I get motivated for believing in myself and keep dreaming that my goals will come true. I also want to become a model and after I read her story, believe that if she can do it- in  such conditions- so can I.


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