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Welles Crowther

by Nevaeh Franks from Mrs. Safreed

My hero is Wells Welles Crowther. Something my hero has done is that he was on the 104th floor or the Twin Towers when they were attacked. Welles save as many as 18 people. Welles Crowther lived in New York City. He died in 2001 from trying to save people. Welles was born on May 17, 1971. Welles Crowther is important to me because he saved many people when he could have just gotten out and lived instead of dying to save people. Why I picked Wells Crowther is because he is a hero to all. Also because he saved people instead of saving himself. He is really a hero to me because he made me want to help people out in the big world we live in today. It's so bad how kids and grownups die from a shot by a gun. I want to help out if there is another attack on the world I live in.

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