Essays on the Theme of Heroism

What is a Hero?

by Ava McNeilly from Charlotte

Did you know that there are about 3.5 million homeless people in North America and about 4,500 people living on the streets in Africa? My cousin is trying to solve the problem of people who are living on the streets and teach them about God. He has been such a great role model to my sisters and me, and continues to be one. Justin is so sweet in everything he does. He never complains about what he is told to do, and that's what makes him my hero. Justin has a heart filled with love and compassion. A hero is someone who you respect because of their actions.

Justin Mayo is my second cousin. From a young age, he has always loved to help everyone who might not have as much as we do today. He created a company called Red Eye Incorporated. The incredible company helps people to get off the streets and out of bad habits and bad ways into a world we call “our home”. They can come learn about God and get to understand Him more. Also he is very good friends with the Kardashians and is slowly but surely helping them get closer to God and experience God in a different way. I think that is very important because even if you say you are a Christian, you can get carried away with all the fame and publicity and ignore God completely. Justin is helping them so much with all of it. That's my reason why he is so faithful to God. Most people whom he knows, he still continues to help them as much as he can.

His dad was an amazing pastor of a huge church in Georgia, and a few years ago he passed away, but Justin goes to that church every month a does a sermon just about love. Justin Mayo shows so many wonderful characteristics of a hero. Justin has always persevered through everything. Whenever he said that he wanted to start his own company, everyone said he was crazy. Everyone said that he was stupid and that his idea of his company would never work. I loved seeing him go through this process, and him pushing through and making it a very successful company. 

Whenever I was writing this essay, I had a lot of time to think about, “What does the word hero mean to me?” Not just the actual definition, or a person in a cape who fights bad guys, but my definition. Here is my definition of a hero: someone who is selfless and puts others first, loves God and puts Him in everything he does, and is caring to everyone no matter what. That's why I chose Justin Mayo as my hero. He is my superman!


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