Essays on the Theme of Heroism

What is a Hero?

by Joshua Overbay from Charlotte, NC

When I was 7, I remember sitting on my grandpa’s lap cutting and sawing wood to build a house for my stuffed animals. The room had a faint smell of sawdust and the glint from the steel on the blade. These memories will stay with me for my entire life, and what he has done for me has truly made him my hero. All throughout my time with my hero, he has shown resourcefulness, humility , and perseverance, which makes him better than any caped crusader.

Definitely one way my grandpa is a hero is by showing resourcefulness. Since he was an engineer, he loves to fix things around the house. Any odd job: gutters; lawn duty; or technical problems. Throw anything at him; he can do it. He shows his skills through the best way he knows how: hands-on work, which I fully admire. He also loves to sit down with me to work on projects like building a tiny motorcycle. He takes his precious time to open and tell me about the parts of a combustion engine, and we always work on anything together. This makes me want to become like him, and now I feel like I could build whole entire worlds. All this is possible because of my grandpa’s resourcefulness.

Another picture of how my grandpa is a hero is his humility in God. Imagine that my grandpa was given a raise at work. Instead of bragging about how he did it all, he would rejoice to God and say, ¨Now that's a God thing.¨ This shows that he has faith in God to ¨move mountains,¨ and takes none of the credit for himself. Also, my grandpa is currently writing his autobiography and is hoping for us to read it one day.  But I know that God has called him to write this ¨memoir¨ to show his faith-filled life. He hasn't made this autobiography to make oodles of money or fame but to show his trials, tribulations, and how he overcame them with GOD'S help. I know he is doing the right thing, and I admire the fiery, burning spirit to show Christ in his own life. Again and again, my hero has shown complete unfaltering faith.

My last argument to show my grandpa’s hero status is his perseverance. One way he shows this is by his neck problems. Over and over, he has had to go to doctors of all sorts to help his neck to stop hurting. This attempt is unsuccessful every time, and it seems unlikely that his neck will ever completely get better. Yet, he still has always kept a great attitude and still takes time to spend with me. Some would lay back and act all miserable, but no, not my hero. When he was in the Vietnam War, he was a loadmaster. He had to make sure the load on the plane would not tip the weight and managed the exit of the cargo, which sometimes would be in the air with parachutes! Even though he wasn't on the ground or an important captain, he loved what he did, and persevered through it. Now he loves to tell me war stories and I just imagine what it would be like to be there, the breeze of the engines and the laughter of the crew. This makes him much more than just a loadmaster, but a true, honest to goodness hero.

My grandpa is much more than a good father or grandfather, he is a shining example of goodwill and heroism. He has taught me to accept who I am, and go with my gut. He even has taught me to use what you have around you, and his teachings will always live with me. My grandpa is someone I choose to be grateful for. My grandpa is resourceful, persevering, and always has humility, and I choose to be thankful for what he has done for my life.I know that I'm really lucky to have a grandpa like him.



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