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My inspiration for this poem is every human being in our beautiful world, because there is a hero inside each and every one of us.

What Makes a Hero

by Maya Desai - 5th Grade - from Newport Coast, California in United States

My hero sees the best in me

Thus, there is nothing I can’t be

My hero listens but does not judge

Hence, I will fight for equality and not budge

My hero does not let others hurt

Thus, responsibility to human kind I will not skirt

My hero includes all

Hence, I know that there is no cause too small

My hero helps others in need

Thus, everything I aspire to do will be a kind deed

My hero volunteers for the greater good

Hence, I will fight for those misunderstood

My hero smiles at everyone on the street

Thus, people’s worlds I will strive to make complete

My hero does what is right

Hence, this planet I will make bright

My hero is someone that I know and can be

Therefore, we are all heroes in some way, can’t you see?

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