Ryan White

by isaac from chyenne


Do you want to learn about Ryan White an AIDS hero? I will tell you every thing about him. You will learn about his struggles life accomplishments and personal information.

Ryan White was born in Kokomo, Indiana on December 6,1977 he had contracted AIDS during an operation. The doctors said he had six months to live. He lived more than five years. He died on April 8, 1990.

Ryan White was a fighter. He was not able to attend school he moved to Cicero, Illinois. Ryan was happy because he finally had friends. After battling AIDS he was able to attend school.

Ryan White had many struggles. On December 17, 1984 he had surgery to remove two inches of his left lung. When people found out that he had AIDS they were not welcoming to him. They would not let him attend school. Restaurants threw dishes away when he left. A bullet was fired at his home.

Ryan had many qualities. He had courage by telling people about AIDS he also showed perseverance by not giving up. Ryan’s patience was shown when the bullet was fired at his home.

Ryan White was a hero. He told a lot of people about AIDS. Ryan is a true hero.

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